Illuminating the Path

Here, you are.

Meditations on Heresy was conceived in 2016 as a way to consolidate and comprehend Gnosticism in the contemporary age. Our content is the story of Oneness, and the orchestration of extreme forces to create within us unique opportunities for wisdom and harmony.

God is gathering us out of all regions till he can make resurrection of our own hearts...and teach us that we are all of one substance, and members of one another; for the one who loves his neighbor loves God, and the one who loves God, loves his own soul. SAINT ANTHONY OF THE DESERT (251-356)

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Christian Gnosticism

We are not associated with any official schools or sects of Gnosticism. Our beliefs are ever-evolving, yet grounded in Christianity as it was practiced and believed by ancient Christians.

The Gnostic Worldview

See creation and the cosmos through the eyes of the early Christians. Witness the maps they drew to find the way back to God.

Hope in the Collective

Is religion merely a poor man’s philosophy? Discover how to search the heart for Truth, and use it to save the world.

Path of the Mystic

How to navigate the longest pilgrimage we’ll ever make. Discern dead faith versus living action. Separate the American Jesus from the Cosmic Christ.

The Inward Ascent

Discovery of the Self is discovery of the All. Understand what Oneness looks like, because the resurrection is already within you.